Our Story

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And you know us.

We are the hardest working people in the room. We leverage our large network of executives, managers, business owners, and colleagues to find the right people for you. If the perfect candidate doesn’t exist in our network, then we go outside of it, and by utilizing extensive interviewing processes we find the right people for your team. We bring our extensive industry knowledge to the table, and prove time and time again that we are the e-commerce recruiting experts you need.

Braden Wielick

Co Founder, and President

Braden is an e-commerce professional with $100M+ sales on Amazon, plus experience with Walmart, Jet, Ebay, and $10M+ in D2C sales. Braden is what we like to call an expert; he has spent his entire career in the e-commerce and tech world. He has worked at start-ups, in software development, at large CPG companies, and at agencies that service clients of all sizes. His past experience across a variety of different spaces helps him bring a unique first-hand perspective to the recruiting world that many people don’t have. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his dog, golf, fast cars, and a nice glass of whiskey.

Tyler Scott

Co Founder, and CEO

Tyler is a man with many talents, and has spent the majority of his career in logistics, finance, and sales. He successfully led the sales team for an agency that has driven $1 billion in sales on Amazon, and which was also the 2nd largest ads partner on the Amazon marketplace. He has a passion that lives at the intersection of human interaction and result driven tasks, where he ultimately thrives. He treats clients and candidates with the utmost respect, and can truly say that he has been on both sides of the table before. Tyler enjoys spending time with his dogs, playing golf, and drinking a nice cold beer.